Monday, 9 February 2009

Mass Production Rules! and Ceramics

I am going to make a bald staement here withiut a huge ammount of evidence to back it up.It is recognised that But the first models of successful mass production were designed within the pottery workshops in Stoke on Trent in the mid 18th century.

Please look at Marek Ceculas website - fascinating.
Other thoughts on the history of mass production come from when I emailed Dr David Barker FSA, Archaeological Consultant & Ceramics Specialist.

He said that mass production doesn't begin to start .."until c. 1740 in N. Staffs when plaster of Paris is said to have been introduced to make moulding efficient and affordable. This is really odd, given that the use of plaster of Paris has a long history on the Continent & in pottery-making and other trades. Still, until we find evidence of large quantities of moulded refined earthenwares or stonewares in a securely-dated context of pre-1740 we should probably stick with that date". and
"the development of table wares in the 18th century was coincidental with the appearance of palster of Paris moulding technology in north Staffs and that the appearance of this new manufacturing technique tranasformed the products of the area - new trades/skills, new wares and, especially, standardisation across the board".

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