Monday, 16 February 2009

How to reproduce a good piece of work?

I made these four cups in the 2nd photo as a one off to submit to a show at the Devon Guild and they got me in ! I love these. But I sold 3 of them off etsy and no longer have them . That was strange- I put them on ETSY on the 23rd December and 3 hours later they were sold. I thought they were good. obviously the guy who bought them thought so too. They are on the blog for 9th December 2008.
Now I have to make 3 piececs for the show called CUP.
But how do you go about making something similar again? How do you capture that moment of a particular focus? How do you repeat that? I am not such an experienced thrower that it is easy to do that . I don't work in a way where I repeat the same actions everytime. I don't follow a particular process on the wheel I like trying to work as automatically as possible. I made the 2 cups in the top photo on Saturady. They are coming close, I think.

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