Monday, 9 February 2009

David + John Elers Teapot 1690.

Moulded teapot made in iron bearing stoneware clay from Staffs, based on the imported Yixing Teapots which had begun to be imported from c1640.

It is possible that these teapots may not have been moulded in Plaster of Paris as this material was brought to this country c1740. Hard evdidence for the use of Plaster of paris in this country does not exist prior to this date. it was used on the continent, however. Plaster of Paris moulds are needed for slip casting. It could be moulded in ceramic moulds much as the romans moulded their Samian wares. To slipcast this teapot in one piece would require a five part mould-did the technical expertise exist in 1690 to make teapots in theis way?

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