Saturday, 14 March 2009

Some Musings on Material Cultural theory.

We are surrounded by objects but either don't notice them, take them for granted. material culture theorists are starting to say that humans act and think through the objeects that they use. We have a special relationship with specific objects that we use. We have an interdependence with objects.As a result networks of meaning result.
Archaeologists are involved in building bodies of theory using interdiciplinary approaches cognitive science, anthrpology, social theory amongst others.

Ruthanne Tudballs confident, eloquent statement of the possiblites of clay, salt and fire make us notice this object. it is not possible to take a crafted object like this for granted. is this what craft can do? It also seems to bring the networks of meaning to the surface. When you see a teapot like this it is obvious that it is handmade, skill is evident. If I owned a teapot like this I would use it everyday and feel completely different using it in my morning tea rituals.

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