Monday, 23 March 2009

Hundertwasser wasn't mad about maths!!

Realise you must have similar philosophy to Hundertwasser one of my favourite artists who I love not just for his art but for his ideas 2. he believes that "ruler drawn straight lines make people sick because , not occuring in nature, they incessantly subject people to an irritation for which the organism is unprepared.. he believes " we are made up of cells, organically built into humans ... so when these seeing cells percieve something that is alien to them ,alien to organic forms, they transmit an alarm signal to the brain "... Another quote which is hilarious but has an underlying truth is..." if a lion is stalking you, or a shark is out to kill you, you are of course in mortal danger. We have lived with these dangers for millions of years. Tjhe straight line is a man-made danger. There are so many lines , millions of lines,but only oneof themis deadly and that is the straight line drawn with a ruler.. The danger of the straight line cannot be compared with the danger of organic lines made by snakes, forinstance. The straight lineis completely alien to mankind, to life, to all creation"........ nuts

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