Monday, 20 April 2009

Kiln Emptying!!!!!!!!

I love emptying kilns after a glaze firing- always hoping for that 'kiln moment' when you know that somethings special is guna come out. I haven't had that for a while. don't do glaze firing so often as I work so slowly but.....alas I haven't quite achieved the animation that i was looking for woth these cups but boy are they good to drink from. They fit in the hand as though they were made for them, they bare big and wide and although the rims are wonky and handles not really functional, the material is an insulator so they don't conduct heat. They are good to hold and the glaze is just so silky its so sensual its like smoothing a piece of satin.These cups bounce when they are dropped. They have no air miles on them, they are made locally. They are not fired to full stoneware temp of 1280 nut to 1240, the porcelain matures at this temperature thus cutting down their carbon footprint. The clay is likely made from products from the southwest although its probably been up to stoke on trent and back to the distributors, the possibility of making porcelain clays in southwest is possible if the economic will would be there. We will all be potters!!!!!!!!!!! These cups focus the attention on the act of drinking.

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